Thomson Reuters Researcher ID

What´s a Researcher ID

Researcher ID is a unique identifier scheme developed by Thomson Reuters. It is used in Web of Science as well as being compatible with other ID schemes.

How To Get One

Go to Researcher ID and click on "Join now". Fill in the form. You will receive an email; click on the link in the email and finish entering your information (such as your institution name) to create the ResearcherID. You will then be able to link the ID to ORCID.

What Is It Used for

ResearcherID, like ORCID and SCOPUS author ID, differentiates authors with similar names and produce profiles of authors' works. If you use Endnote or Web of Science, ResearcherID ties in to these systems seamlessly. Use your ResearcherID on your CV, grants, and other profiles.

How to Improve Your Profile and Correct Errors

Once you have gotten the ResearcherID, you can add to your publications list by clicking "Add publications". Then, search Web of Science, adding a RIS file from Endnote or RefManager, or connecting directly to Endnote. You can also connect to ORCID and import the publications from your ORCID profile (or vice-versa).

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