Scopus author ID

What is it?

The Scopus author ID distinguishes you from other authors in the Scopus database by assigning you a unique number and then grouping all your documents together.

How to get one

All authors with publications indexed by Scopus have automatically been assigned a Scopus author ID. If you want to check your ID, in Scopus run an author search.

What´s it used for?

The author ID is the tool Scopus uses to distinguish different authors, and build your author profile in the database. It helps managing publication lists and citations.

How to improve your profile

If your publications are spread over a number of different author profiles, you can merge them with the Author feedback wizard. Run an author search, click on the author's name, and then on the link that says "Request author detail corrections". Follow the steps in the wizard, where you will be able to choose which author matches that should be included.

Access database

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