How to import your publication list from DiVA to ORCID

ORCID can be used as a platform to make visible one’s research. For this purpose, importing one’s publication list from DiVA may be helpful.

To import your publication list from DiVA to ORCID, follow these steps:

  1. Surf to
  2. Choose English.
  3. Click the tab "Advanced search - Research publications".
  4. Choose "Author, id" in the drop down-menu under the search bar ”Free text".
  5. In the field ”Author, id”, fill in your local author-id (i.e. your username at the University), and click the Search button.
  6. Click the button ”[Select all] from result set".
  7. Scroll down and click References/Export references/BibTex.
  8. Save the page with BibTex-references as a file with the filename extension .bib (e.g. ”references.bib”).
  9. Click ”Import BibTeX”, and then ”Choose file” in the menu under Works —> Add works in ORCID.
  10. In ORCID, click ”Save all” or, alternatively, the diskette icon for each of the references you want to save.
  11. When uploaded, you can also edit the references by clicking the pen icon ”Edit my version” e.g. to adjust title and subtitle, add a description or permanent link to DiVA, and also specify language and country of publication.
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