Sharing research data via SND/DORIS

Accessibility and long-term preservation of data can be considered as the final step of the research project. Research material that is made available can become visible, searchable, peer-reviewed, reused and cited.

Data can be made available via a data repository (such as SND's), or published as a supplement to a journal article. If data is made available in a data repository, it is stored long-term, described in a standardized way that enables international searchability, and provided with a unique ID (for example, DOI, Digital Object Identifier) that enables data citation.

Sharing via SND

SND is a national resource that facilitates the accessibility, preservation, and re-use of data. Data and metadata are submitted to SND using a web form. Data receive a detailed metadata description and a persistent identifier, and are added to SND's search catalogue. A researcher that deposits data with SND retains the right to decide how and by whom their data are used. The platform is called DORIS (Data Organisation and Information System).

Describe data via SND

If data is available at any place other than SND, or if there is reason not to make data available, there may still be a value in describing the research material at SND, in order to increase its findability and visibility.

Start sharing data via SND

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