Norwegian list

What is it?

At the core of the model is the notion of ‘publication channel’.  The publication channel is the medium by which the publication is brought to the world.  Mainly we are talking about journals, publishers or web sites.

”The Norwegian list” consists of publication channels (journals, web sites, and publishers), which are considered to be scientific. It´s administered by the Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) and publicly available at their website.

To be accredited, a journal has to meet certain standards:

  • The work must be peer-reviewed.
  • The work must be obtainable by those who normally would want to get hold of it.
  • There must be ‘new insight’ (original research).
  • The work must not be previously published.
  • The author and the author`s institution must be clearly stated in the publication.
  • The publication channel must be clearly marked with name and/or identifier.

Initially data was imported from WoS, Scopus or Ulrichs, later additions have come through suggestions from various interested parties. Anyone can register at the site, and suggest new additions.

What is it used for?

The Norwegian model measures both quantity and quality by acknowledging both the publication volume and the publication channels. A publication is rewarded certain points depending on the channels scientific level. Level 1 (the standard level) or level 2, for journals of high standing, publishing no more than a total of 20 per cent of all publications within their fields. More points are rewarded for level 2 publications.

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