Tools for finding Open Access materials and articles

There are tools that can be used to get free access to full text articles and other open access material.

Copernicus Open Access Hub

The Copernicus Open Access Hub provides open access to Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, Sentinel-3 and Sentinel-5P user products.

Link to Copernicus Open Access Hub:


Copernicus is an earth observation and monitoring programme that provides free information services based on satellite earth observation and non-space data. Copernicus contains six different themes which are: Atmosphere, marine, land, climate change, security and emergency.

Link to Copernicus:

Open Access Button

Open Access Button is a tool where you can access articles by adding a browser extension. By using the Open Access Button when you want to read an article, the tool will link you to the full text article. The Open Access Button are searching through several sources to find free full text articles. If there is no full text article available, the article will be requested from the authors. 

Link to Open Access Button:


Unpaywall is a tool that provides free access to full text articles. Use the Unpaywall icon in your browser when you want to read a specific article. The tool links to manuscripts from university and government web servers. Unpaywall can be downloaded as a browser extension.

Link to Unpaywall:

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