Google Scholar Citations

What´s a Google Scholar Profile?

If you have publications indexed in Google Scholar, you can create a profile that will show up when people search on your name. It will list your publications, any additional information you provide, as well as a set of metrics including h-index.

How to get one

Go to and sign in with your Google account. You will then be asked for your name, affiliation, etc. Next, Google Scholar will automatically suggest publications to add to your profile. Select the ones that are yours to add to your profile. Add your research interests as keywords, which can then be used to search on by people looking for other researchers in a field.

What´s it used for?

When someone searches for your publications in Google Scholar your Google Scholar profile will show up at the top of results. It increases visibility of your work by providing a bibliography, indicates which publications are yours if you share a common name. It also shows a citation count to your work as well as a h-index measure.

How to improve your profile and correct errors

See Google's FAQ for answers to how to add missing publications or correct other errors.

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